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Hubbell FRF3GY Flush Furniture Feed Plate, 3 Service, Gray

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  • Furniture Feed Service Fitting: Flush service fitting used with Hubbell PT73SD. Includes two (2) " and one (1) " conduit fittings. Gray.

  • Furniture Feed Services 3 Service
  • Flush Furniture Feed Offering Service Fitting
  • Complies with: UL 514A requirements for scrub water protection.
  • Fire Rating For use in 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3 or 4 hour rated unprotected reinforced concrete floors or in 1, 2 or 3 hour rated floors employing steel floor units and concrete topping (D900 series design).
  • Floor Thickness Range 2 1/4" (over metal deck) to 7" (57.2 to 117.8)
  • UL Installation Spacing Minimum of 2 feet on centers and not more than one unit per 65 sq. ft. of floor area in each span.
  • Cored Hole 3" (76.2) diameter
  • Conduit Tubes 3/4" EMT
  • Listings UL Listed
  • Note: On two-piece units, conduit insert cover is removable from above the floor.
  • Wiring Capacity: 3-Service Power: Up to six #12 AWG and two #10 AWG type THHN wires or up to ten #12 AWG type THHN wires AND Voice/Data: Up to fifty #22 AWG telephone/data conductors (one 25 pair telephone cable) per each low-voltage opening
  • Wiring Capacity: Voice/Data Only Up to 200 #22 AWG telephone/data conductors (or four 25 pair telephone cables).
  • Wiring Capacity: Rule of Thumb Any combination of wire that does not exceede .11 sq. in. of total allowable copper cross sectional area is acceptable
  • UPC Number 78358539568
  • Weight in LBs 1.2

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