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Hubbell G1050 Non Metallic Polytuff I, Gray, 1 / 2", 100'

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  • HI-IMPACT LIQUIDTIGHT® is the perfect conduit system to deliver all of your communication needs for all 3 levels of Hubbell’s HARSH-E environments. The HI-IMPACT LIQUIDTIGHT® system is available in 2 different sizes, gray 0.5” and gray 0.75”. To connect the System together, 3 different style connectors are provided: a metallic non-insulated straight male, a non-metallic straight male, and a unique SWIVELLOK® male. The SWIVELLOK® connector can handle any angle from 0° to 90° providing one connector to do it all, eliminating extra fittings and unwanted inventory. The HI-IMPACT LIQUIDTIGHT® system with its SWIVELLOK® connector delivers innovation, quality and performance in one system, engineered to save you money and time.

  • LIQUIDTIGHT® system.
  • SWIVELLOK&# multi-position fitting.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Highly reliable: meets UL and CSA performance standards.
  • Smooth ferrule eliminates threading providing valuable labor savings.
  • Straight conduit fitting provides superior conduit pull-out retention.
  • 0 to 90° SWIVELLOK® - one connector can handle any angle.
  • Metallic fitting: UL 4.

  • Trade size: 0.5”, 0.75”.
  • Color: gray.
  • Material: Co-extruded rigid and flexible PVC.
  • Operating Temperature
    Wet Env.: 0°F to +140°F (-18°C to +60°C).
    Oil Env.: 0°F to +158°F (-18°C to +70°C).
    Dry Env.: 0°F to +176°F (-18°C to +80°C).
  • Flammability: New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Construction Specification Institute Number 16111.
  • Conduit ID/OD:
    0.5”- .63”/.83” (16.1/21.1).
    0.75”- .83”/1.04” (21.1/26.4).
  • Bend radius:
    0.5”- 3.00” (76.2).
    0.75”- 4.00” (101.6).
  • Voltage Rating 600V Maximum.

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